First Blog

Ahh so this is the first blog!  So this is set up as a place for me to upload my photos and keep track of whats going on.  
I am an amature photographer, that is I dont use my photography to make a living. Though I do on occasion get asked to do photography, the payment is normally a Koha or donation, sometimes in cash, sometimes in kind.  I also do some more intimate photography which I normally do for free, or again for something in kind or Koha. 
I work full time to pay the mortgage but do this as a passion!  I love photography and capturing something special.  
My main focus is outdoor photo's.  Nature, urban enviroments and sometimes people. 
I am terrible at portraits, and studio stuff.  I have the gear for it but struggle with it, mostly as it is boring to me.  I dont get much joy from it.  Being outdoors is my passion and I love nature.  
I also love people.  I love capturing people in a moment of life.  As humans we are so unique, yet live in a collective.  But due to privacy, I wont be posting many people on here, so will keep it more with nature etc. 

Shoot both black and white and in colour.  I love colour!  Bright and Vibrant.  I love shooting good tag and graffiti.  Not the stuff assholes paint on your fence with a single colour, cool stuff that is bright and looks great.  But at the same time, I like black and white or monochrome.  I love the moodyness of it and like to put in a lot of shadow.  
Cant stand sepia haha

I am trying to expand my skill set and looking at moving into other things including still life.  
Like all art, it is subjective.  And if you see something you like, great let me know! If there is something you dont like, keep it to yourself, its just not your cup of tea. Or alternativly, appreciate it for what it is.  

I use a mix of Sony and Cannon camera's with various filters and lenses.  I will try my best to note settings for shots.  I am not a technical photographer.  Though I shoot mostly in Manual, I hate describing the technical side of photos! Just lazy I guess haha. I try and keep gear to a minimum, and normally take only what I can carry in my backpack, a tri-pod and a mono-pod. 

Apart from things people ask me to do, generally I dont sell photos.  If they are of others, I work on a joint ownership model, and normally do a handshake agreement, I wont sell or give away photos of others, if they agree to the same.  They are for me, and them and who ever we want to share them with.  Particularly if they are of the more intimate nature. 

I started doing photography at a young age, around 12.  I begged my dad for a camera for my birthday, and he brought me a new pentex point and shoot film camera.  I loved that camera, and still have rolls of undeveloped film rolling around somewhere, when I didnt have enough pocket money to develop it! I think I also still have the camera! 
other then a few point and shoots my next camera purchase was a Fujifilm DSLR S series camera.  I have used Nikon also, as well as several Canons, but now mostly shoot on Sony mirrorless camera. 

So thats me.  I have a few pet projects coming up I will be working on, so hopefully that helps fill the blog! 

Decided also that photos on this blog will only be work from 2020 onward. start fresh!
Attached pic on this photo is a over bridge in Longburn, Manawatu. 
ISO 100
1/200 Sec
16mm focal