I love when you get an unexpected chance to take photos.  In the weekend I had an unexpected opportunity to go to Whanganui to get something we needed for home they didnt have in Palmy.  Just before walking out the door, I remembered I didnt have my camera pack so ran to the room to get it.  I had a few places in mind to look at while there. 
Went out to Whanganui, picked up the item we needed then tried to pop the first place into my GPS.  But just as I set off, my GPS on my phone decided to pack a wobbly and would not work at all.  I dont know Whanganui that well but knew the general direction I was headed for (ie the coast).  Well I didnt end up at the expected target, but ended up some place WAY better. I followed a 4 wheel drive down a dirt track till we came to a dead end (for me, he drove over the sand dune) Walking over the dune I found an amazing beach covered in browny green grassy dunes, black sand, and logs.  Very amazing.  Had a blast for a few hours getting picks.  The only frustration I had was the wind! found it hard to do long exposure shots as the wind was so strong it caused the camera to vibrate just enought to throw off the shot!  On the way back I saw an old (im guessing) WWII bunker covered in tag.  
Love when those little moments in frustration turn into a winner. 

1/250 sec
ISO 800
156mm focal length

1/100 Sec
ISO 125
55mm Focal Length

1/125 Sec
16mm Focal length

ISO 1250