Palmerston North Graffiti

 I love good graffiti.  Its weird.  its probably the colours.  Although sometimes I think its just as good in monochrome as it is in colour. I use the term Graffiti loosly.  Maybe it should be wall art.  Maybe its just the generation I grew up in.  Anything painted on walls with spraypaint was Graffiti.  

Ok lets start again.  I love urban wall art that has been done well.  Not the stuff you find on your fence and need to repaint. The eye catching stuff.  You would know it when you see it.  Its bright, often curvy.  Often so well shaded it looks 3d and jumps right off the wall.  I went to intermediate school in a fairly ruff part of South Auckland, Weymouth, in the back of Manurewa.  Its a prodomantly Polynesian and Maori community.  I loved it.  Good friends, great food.  But having the ability to 'tag' was a big deal.  A good tagger was as well known in the area as an all black.  I was shit at it.  As I am with any drawn art. So maybe the love comes from my jelousy of my artistic friends. PS Clendon Bakery is still the shit!

This weekend on Friday I decided I didnt want a bar of the damn covid announcements.  Just a bit over it. Its important, and got the update, or lack of update, when I got home.  So instead went to find some wall art.  And find it I did!  Sun was setting, and manage to get in some pics with some good light, and a few with come dull light. 

It was freezing.  Specially in the end before I headed home.  The sun had almost gone down and the wind had come up.  last pics I took I struggled with as my fingers didnt really want to co-operate any more to manually focus on a window looking through a tree.  

One more thing, old buildings.  In particular the old Palmy Police station.  If anyone happens to have access to this, would love to go and have a look around! Thanks.