Patea Beach

 So, in a previous post I think I mentioned I don't have a laptop/computer to use things like Light Room etc for photos.  That has since changed. Got spoilt and got a new PC capable of having some editing software.  Very exciting.  

Its been a busy few weeks with personal things like building/renovating etc so not had much time for the camera.  Thankfully a work trip helped with that!  Popping up to Hawera on the way I saw an old factory.  Decided to stop on the way back and have a look.  Of course I took a wrong turn and ended up at the beach. But it was a stunning day so after chucking some light filters on to block some sunlight manage to get a few dozen pics.  

The thing I like most about Light Room and used the most is the ability to rotate your photos and crop them so the horizon was straight.  For some shots I was focused on trying to get the waves splashing up I often forgot the horizon.  But here we are.  Enjoy

I took this in both colour and B/W 

This is one of the first pics I played with on Lightroom to give more detail on the logs. 

This shot came up I was focusing then missed something, looked down to take a step and saw this natural scene

I have added a grain filter on this and change the lighting of the sky a little

This couple simply walked passed me on the way out to the point as I was taking pics. 

This was the best wave burst of the night, thought there was a swell coming in, it was not huge. Would love to be there in a storm

Looking down the beach. Again a light grain filter on and amended the sky to make the clouds stand out

This has had the exposure change slightly to try and make the rust on the metal stand out more as it was so textual and cool