Scotts Ferry Forest

 Scotts Ferry 

In recent weekend I took the kids out to Scotts Ferry, west of Bulls.  Found a cool we forest with open access so went for a walk.  We had a great time, but sadly for the photos it was a bright sunny day. Great for walking, terrible for photos.   So some had a bit of filter work to do as they where a bit harsh.  Others had the right amount of shadow from the trees and came out great. Hopefully can come back to this spot when its a bit darker. 

So this photo was a bit hard on the light.  Playing with the filters I liked the look of an odd 
pink forest, and added a grain filter over top

This was taken in the same spot as the above photo.  I love the tree splitting the path gives it 
a real Robert Frost with one clear used path on the left, another less used on the right (which we did take in the end.  It didn't make a difference in this instant...)

Its a bit hard to see, but what I love about this photo is seeing the uprooted tree, very dark and gloomy, with a young sapling growing in its wake naturally lit up by a gap in the tree's