Kid designed photo shoots

So I am getting better at portraits.  But to help I have enlisted my kids to be models.  

At home on a saturday, after some housework I told our kids they need to design their own photo shoot.  IE what would the theme be, costumes, location etc. 

Except for our youngest (foster) kid, who we guided to what we thought would suit her.  So we have shot 3 out of 7 so far.  Our middle child Gabi had an idea where she wanted to rollerblade through the rose garden, however the lighting was all wrong and it just didnt come out, so I had her climb a tree instead which was more her. 

For our foster boy, he wanted to be a superhero.  We grabbed him a spiderman outfit and went to work. 

The youngest foster kid we thought going on a little big adventure would be fun.  So we went to our local park with a ride on train and had her hitchhike with her bindle and teddy.  

Cant wait to shoot the rest, for sure good practice.